7 Ways to Celebrate Sunday

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week
~Joseph Addison

imageDoes your Sunday tend to dissolve in a haze of piled up chores? Do you spend it worrying about Monday and the week ahead? Don’t! Let Sunday be the day it was meant to be–relaxing, recharging and rejuvenating. Some simple ideas to help you make it a happy, lovely day:

Decorate: Take up a home project: one wall, one corner, one window to dress up. Go all out trying your creative ideas. How about painting that wall a bright tangerine? Or prettying up your window with a cheerful floral valance? Short of ideas? Saunter off to a bookstore, and browse from the design magazines and books galore. You might just come back with plans for making more than one fun change!

Catch up with someone new: Think of a colleague who’s just joined work or a new friend you’ve made on Facebook. How about getting to know them a bit better? Today’s the day! Book yourself a table for two in a cosy little café of your choice, and let the conversation flow. If you get along,  you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take the friendship further. And if the new pal is new to your city, Sunday’s a great day to show them around, too.

Meet Up With an Old Friend: Hurried messages, half-baked excuses..it’s so easy to lose touch with someone you care about. In fact, why go far? That someone wonderful might just be you yourself! Rediscover you today: with a pampering self-massage, a trip to the parlour, an evening writing your journal or sitting by the sea…

Plan a Delicious Dinner: No déjà vu dinner tonight. Try Thai, or flirt with Indian cuisine. Look up a book and try out something that will get the family tastebuds tingling.

Play! Fill a large jug with lemonade. Sit down with family and/or friends to play Scrabble, Monopoly, cards or perhaps an interesting new board game. Lots of laughter and friendly squabbling. Imagine the fun!

Go Places. Try out a quaint museum, a new restaurant, or a whole new Mall! Go solo or in the company of your best friend, kids or date. If it turns out to be a great experience, let your friends know about your discovery—everybody needs inspiration!

Go Nowhere: In true Sunday tradition, resolve to do nothing and absolutely nothing but laze and then laze some more. Don’t slip out of your pyjamas. Instead, finish breakfast, do your crosswords in the comfort of your bed, and let a lovely novel lull you into sweet, well-deserved  sleep,.Do make sure you have a delicious plan for lunch or tea or whatever time you decide to wake up. Nothing feels quite as wonderful as enjoying a hot, fresh meal after a spoil-me-silly session of snoozing! This is my favourite way to celebrate Sunday:)

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