Be polarizing and dare to share

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to experience life’s incredible sweetness and, conversely, the trials and tribulations that accompany entering into battle on a daily basis.

Over the years, this entrepreneurial fire has evolved into an obsession to study the successful and, subsequently, help others become crystal clear on who they are, why they’re here, and how they can monetize and share their unique gifts with the world.

Today, I live by several mantras that guide me along my path and empower me to set deep anchors into my soul so I remain on course. My hope is that, by implementing these strategies, you will not only reach your desired destination, but also enjoy each step along your personal journey.

1) Live life like a sniper.

This requires you to discover your WHAT – that is, the ONE thing you were born to do. Far too many deny themselves, and the world, their incredible gifts and allow fear to dictate their existence.

The successful understand that their WHAT is always bigger than their ‘but’ – the excuses that so many put in their own way – and have a clear understanding of their personal G.P.S. (Gifted Path to Success).

Developing your personal G.P.S. requires you to understand what your gifts are, which vehicle you will use to share your gifts with the world, and who you are most compelled to serve.

With this in mind, they operate with a sniper-like focus on bringing their goals, desires, dreams, and objectives to fruition.

2) Avoid operating like a windsock.

It is commonplace for most to allow the whims of others to dictate the quality of their lives. When something ‘good’ happens, they blow to the right and everything is peachy. When something ‘bad’ happens, they blow to the left and find themselves in a funk or depression.

It is imperative to set deep anchors into your soul and maintain balance, consistency, and a warrior-like dedication to persevere.

3) Dare to be a creator.

It is incredibly easy to be a critic and incredibly difficult to be a creator. When was the last time you put something forth for the world to judge not because you had to, but because you wanted to?

My challenge to you is to become a creator and be polarizing. Let people line up on the side of loving you or hating you.

Regardless of which side they fall on, they better know you were here. The last thing you want to be is anonymous.

Remember, we are all just blips in time within a constantly transforming universe. The only way to affect those who not only share this lifetime with you, but also those of lifetimes to come, is to be polarizing and dare to share your creations with the world.

Steve Olsher | Inspire Me Today

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