Change Your Sense of Time

The best use of time is to reconnect to your being. The misuse of time comes down to the opposite: Moving away from your being. There is always enough time to evolve because you and the universe are unfolding together.

If timelessness is part of your being, the wish will come true spontaneously without delay. You have the power to play with time as you would any other part of your world.
If timelessness has a tentative relationship to your being, some wishes will come true spontaneously, and others won’t. There will be delays and an uneasy sense that you might not get what you want. Your ability to play with time is shaky by developing.
If timelessness has no relationship to your being, it will take work and determination to get what you want. You have no power over time. Instead of playing with it, you are subject to its inexorable march.
From these three broad categories one can project three different belief systems. Consider which one best applies to you:

  1. I am pressed for time. There aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want.
  2. I consider myself pretty lucky. I’ve gotten to do a lot of the things I’ve always wanted to do.
  3. I believe that the universe brings you whatever you need. If I don’t get what I want, I realize that something inside me is blocking it. I spend my time working on my inner awareness far more than struggling with outside forces.

Once you gain even a hint that wishes can come true without so much struggle, you can resolve to move to a new stage of growth. You can resolve today to change your relationship to time:

I will let time unfold for me.
I will keep in mind that there’s always enough time.
I will follow my own rhythm.
I will not misuse time by procrastination and delay.
I will not fear what time brings in the future.
I will not regret what time brought in the past.
I will stop racing against the clock.

Try to adopt just one of these resolves today and see how it changes your reality.

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