Choose happiness right now

You are amazing. Do you know that? Really, you are. You have a gift and you are here to share it. It’s your time to shine. It’s time to stop dimming your light to blend in or conform to what others tell you to do. You know you best.

And you know you are meant for great things.

You know that your most meaningful life is directly tied to you being YOU 100% of the time. Your main responsibility – the reason you were put on this planet – is to nurture your gifts and allow them to flow through you. This is your ticket to having the greatest impact in the lives of the people that you love and is also what is going to open the doors to your most successful and fulfilling life.

Many people believe that hard work and luck is how I got my big breaks, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. Success doesn’t come from burning the candle at both ends until one day you hit the tipping point. Outside looking in, it often seems that way though.

Success comes from stepping into this power, this gift that I mention, and by paying attention to what you are inspired to do next.

There are tons of formulas and step-by-step plans, put together by well meaning people who want to help, but you will never tap into your greatest success, and thus your happiest, most fulfilling life until you learn how to listen to the incredible guidance you receive from within.

This is the guidance that comes from connecting with your God, the Universe, Source, your Spirit, Higher Self, whatever word feels best to you.

You see, you don’t actually want money, success, the perfect body… you want the joy and fulfillment that you believe will come once you get those things. Yet the fastest way to bring those things into your life is to stop chasing them and instead focus on the joy and fulfillment in every step of the journey.

My greatest successes in life have come when I was guiding myself in this way – taking inspired action, having fun with my work, being engaged yet unattached to specific outcomes, knowing that I am always protected and loved, regardless of the circumstances I may be facing.

Life is meant to be fun and yet we hold ourselves apart from that fun, oftentimes because we don’t believe we deserve it. You deserve a fun life. You deserve to be happy. Choose happiness right now, no matter your circumstances.

That said, it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be angry. These experiences offer incredible insight into what kind of life you really want to lead. Treat challenges as opportunities to learn about yourself, take note, and adjust accordingly for the future. It’s never too late. Begin today. There’s no need to spend time in regret or thinking about the past. Onward.

You aren’t here to “get by” and survive until one day your time is up. You are here to THRIVE. See every moment as a chance to be fully present with your very specific, very perfect, very YOU path in life. Treat it as the gift that it is and you will discover happiness greater than your wildest dreams.

You are amazing. It’s time to step into that power.

Sheila Viers | Inspire Me Today

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