Families of consciousness

Derived from “The Unknown Reality, Vol. 2, a Seth Book” by Jane Roberts

“These categories do not come first. Your individuality comes first. You have certain characteristics of your own. These place you in a certain position. As you are not a rock or a mineral, but a person, so your individuality places you in a particular family or species of consciousness. This represents your overall viewpoint of reality. At particular periods of history, in your terms, different families may predominate.”
by Seth 
Section 6, Session 732


Specialize in organization in many areas of life; active, vital, and creatively aggressive; often founders of social systems. (from Section 6, Session 736)


Deal primarily with teaching and passing on knowledge, custodians of knowledge. (from Section 6, Session 736)


Devoted to healing in all areas: physically, culturally, and/or spiritually. (from Section 6, Session 736)


Primarily reformers with excellent precognitive abilities. They are possessed by an idea of change and feel driven or compelled to make that idea a reality. They bring probabilities into physical reality. (from Section 6, Session 736)


Composed of mystics & direct their energy inward. They have simple, direct & childish mannerisms, not bothering with convention. Deeply involved with nature. They help nourish the psyche of the mind and are not found in positions of authority. (from Section 6, Session 736)


Involved mainly with the fulfillment of body activity. Athletes, devoted to perfecting the capabilities of the body, demonstrating the beauty, speed, elegance, & performance of the body, serving to point out the capabilities of the flesh, physical doers. (from Section 6, Session 736)


Deals primarily with parenthood, natural “earth parents”, often having large families. They insert new stability by marrying into other families of consciousness. Their main consideration is the family unit. The children have  brilliant minds, healthy bodies, strong clear emotions & demonstrate the vitality of creaturehood, serve as strong earth stock, provide physical & mental strength to our race.  (from Section 6, Session 737)


These members are communicators and travelers. These “exchangers” traveler dealing primarily with ideas, products, social and political concepts. Explorers, merchants, missionaries, sailors, pirates, slaves, diplomats,  archaeologists, salesmen are examples. Lively, talkative, imaginative seed carriers of communication, restless & on the move. (from Section 6, Session  737)


Often coming to full strength in civilizations before great social changes, they are creatively playful, extremely independent, initiators, generally born in spring. They are seldom conformers and do not take to organizations or structured groups. They have a capacity to reach out emotionally to others & empathize. Many have a mystical sense of connection with nature. (from Section 6, Session 734 and 736)

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