Innovation and sustainability are ‘kindred spirits’ that bring renewed wellness into your life

Creating and inventing something are a reflection of who you are… a spark of inspiration in action for others. It helps you change the world for the better – and keep a positive focus on the future.

It is your creativity that makes you great – and it is the foundation that drives your innovator spirit and expands your vision. Recognize that when you are told “you are a blessing in my life”, it is not only a reward.. but it validates your expertise and dedication to colour the lives of others.

Understand that innovation can play a significant role in your journey. It can transform your life, career and business – turning problems into assets, thus supporting the flow of your purpose.

Always be steadfast in your beliefs regarding yourself and your work. Perseverance and a confidence in your abilities are important … and serve as a strategy for building a more resilient mindset. When you believe in yourself, your work is more credible and your success more rewarding.

When you are surrounded by like-minded people, it captures the very essence of your authenticity. Hence, as you move forward in being the change, increased recognition will encourage others to collaborate and come on board.

When innovation ignites the daily ritual in your personal and professional life, it becomes your gift of opportunity to change the world… and accomplish some truly amazing things.

Be a role model for sustainable healthy living. Maintaining balance, and fulfilling your beauty and health needs, is an inside and outside job. You can facilitate this daily pattern by taking care of yourself FIRST… thus supporting your intentions.

Nurturing yourself enlarges your capacity to help others. Learn to engage, educate and empower family, friends, and colleagues on a balanced holistic approach to life. Reaching outside yourself, especially in terms of one’s well-being, gives meaning to your life… and enriches their world.

What you eat, drink and breathe has a direct effect on how you look, feel and age, and the quality of your life. In addition, living in a sustainably planned, built and maintained community improves your life on every level – as well as beginning to assist in the global challenges that we are all facing today. In your own small way, you are helping evolve positive change in your community.

Stay in touch with your body and your community. If you do, it will reward you with good health… and the great feeling of having made a difference in people’s lives.

Lorraine Mignault | Inspire Me Today

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