Let Go and Let Me Guide You (Eileen Caddy)

There are so many hidden wonders and truths waiting to be revealed to 
those who are ready to receive them. Are you really ready to accept something
 completely new and strange, something absolutely unorthodox? When something new is invented there is usually great controversy about it. There are the believers and the unbelievers, there are those who are willing to try the new and those who
 shun it. There are those who scoff at it and ridicule it because it’s beyond their 
understanding. That is why, when you are entering into the New you have to be strong and of 
good courage, so you are able to withstand any opposition and simply know from
 within that what you are doing is right and go right ahead without hesitation. If
 an inventor listened to all the confused voices all around him, he would never 
achieve that which has been given to him from within. When I give you some 
wisdom and knowledge within, allow nothing to shake it, hold on to it through 
thick and thin and you will behold the most wonderful results. Listen only to My
 still small voice and you will be able to bring forth the New. This does not require
 any effort on your part, it simply requires faith and obedience and absolute belief 
in what you are doing. Let go and let Me guide you.

20 September 2013

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