75 trillion.

That’s approximately how many cells there are in the human body. Each one of them is performing millions of teeny tiny miracles a day.

Why do I call these miracles?

Consider: your heart knows which direction to pump your blood. Your lungs know how to take in air and distribute oxygen. Your intestines know how to extract nutrients from food and pass them into your bloodstream.

All of these things happen without your ever having to think about it. Many of us don’t even know which organs are where, let alone understand how all of this happens. We couldn’t make it happen if we tried. But it keeps on happening, every moment of every day. Times 75 trillion.

Go ahead and tell me that’s not a miracle.

If all those miracles are happening undetected within the few square feet of your human body, can you imagine what might be happening all around you?

It’s as simple as finding the right parking space at the right moment, or as big as the spontaneous disappearance of a cancerous tumor.

Here’s my simple definition of miracles – they are things that make my life better than it would have been if they hadn’t happened.

What makes them miraculous to me? That I take notice of them. This allows me to shift my focus onto the everyday happenings that constantly enrich my days. Instead of racing through my life, I am more aware of everything that happens – good, bad, large, small – and that the miracle can come in many ways.

I make a practice of looking for miracles every day. I go through each experience in my day asking, “Is this my miracle?”

There are wonderful, joyful, beautiful moments when I learn lessons in love and fulfillment. These moments are easy to identify as little miracles.

But life happens. Not every moment is joyful. Some of the things that enrich my experience don’t feel so good in the moment. But every hard moment teaches me something that ultimately makes me a stronger, more complete person. Even the hard moments are miracles, as long as I pay attention and FIND the miracle.

I haven’t always been this way. It’s a small but profound mind shift that has made my life immeasurably better. It’s not just about thinking positive. It’s more than having an “attitude of gratitude.” It shows me that every moment is special and is worthy of my attention. There is never a wasted moment. How could there be? There’s never been a wasted beat of my heart.

What does it take to start recognizing the miracles in your life? Only two things: the willingness to see them and a moment’s pause to recognize them. That’s it.

What have you got to lose?

Stop waiting for extraordinary miracles. Start seeing what’s already happening around you and within you. Everyday miracles matter more than you can imagine.

All 75 trillion of them.

Leah Carey | Inspire Me Today

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