Love lived every second of your life

Therese Benedict loveWhen to love should not be a question, for it should be an action that is lived every second.

If it were my last day here on this earth in a physical form, I would leave these words with others so they may share the love I had in my life.

To love people right, whether you knew them or not. To be willing to learn what you can change so you may know how to live life right and to the fullest – so you may impact this world instead of just living in this world.

To show the people in your life that you love them by actions and not only by words of “I Love You.” To express emotions with sincerity and truth and to forgive others mistakes, for mistakes are golden when used in a life-changing manner. To understand that you have the power to change this world with love and not judgment, but only understanding that there are reasons why people hold anger and fault within them.

To see that all people are worth saving and not just selected ones. To understand that the people who have done worse wrongs in life than others, only hold more pain inside themselves to commit such hateful acts. Knowing that people who are cruel in ways that we cannot imagine, are the ones who had no love at all and had neglect and cruelty in its place.

So when you do come across that love you have been searching for or any kind of love, have the knowledge to take care of that love, with love, and never mistreat it. For it will only make you lose that love, you wish not to lose, and only give pain to people you do not wish to scar. To be willing to apologize with compassion and sorrow and to leave out who was wrong and who was right.

To give to others that are in need, whether it is a hug, an ear to listen, support and even money to those who are in need of comfort. To give without wanting anything back, but peace in your heart that you have helped someone who was suffering with fear. To have their smile and the relief in their eyes be your reward.

To always remember, not only fight for someone to hear you, but to fight to hear them as well. To communicate with wanting peace to be the outcome and only love, understanding and compassion – be the road for your tone in your expression of words. To understand someone’s expression of pain given by you, even if you did not realize that you caused an act you do not like to feel yourself.

To fight for a love that no one else has because it does exist. To want to be the person who cares of others’ feelings and not a person who cares about your own. To want others to find happiness and not just for you, while showing this world that there is still hope of bettering this world of fear, cruelty and lost hope.

Therese Benedict | Inspire Me today


For Ever and Ever

Stephen Edwards ForgivenessSometimes it’s hard to take things in your stride,
To turn the other cheek, look away, and swallow your pride.
But some people strike out in their anger and pain.
And we must forgive them, again and again.
Try to understand, that although it’s not okay
It’s not your job to make them pay.
Give them the benefit of what you know.
Show them love, and help them to grow.
You see, bitterness and anger only fuel the fire.
It’s to love and happiness that we all need to aspire.
If you try to find the good in all that you do
You’ll find it will reflect right back at you.
Material things are great to get and to give
But they are not the reason that we all live.
It’s those memories of moments, of times spent together
That binds us together as one, forever and ever.

Whew! I don’t know about you, but just reading those words makes the knees of my heart bend.

But watch closely here. The forgiveness that we tend to think of first is really a false forgiveness. It goes something like this:

“Well, I will forgive that rat, but I am the better person for it, and certainly a better one than him.”

Or maybe it’s a little more subtle, like this:

“Oh, I pity this poor, helpless person. They can’t help themselves because of X, Y and Z. So I will allow they are not responsible and still hold myself as higher and forgive that sad little thing.”

These are simply maneuvers of the logical mind to keep the grievance while letting it go. And this is not a plan that will work.

No, the forgiveness I am speaking of requires some real honesty with yourself. Attend this well.

  • It is important not to confuse forgiveness with denial. Instead of denying the world and its pain, which is just another form of grievance, you allow it and look through it to see a truer, brighter reflection.
  • And once you look closely at the situation and realize you can’t judge – not just that you shouldn’t, but you actually can’t judge – because you can never know all the circumstances involved. Then you just relax your mind and let it go.

And that is it! That is the key! Forgiveness is simply a letting go, a relaxing, or a releasing of your logical mind. Whoooosh you can feel the peace rushing in to smooth the wrinkles your grievances have caused. Once you unlock that power then other things will be allowed to flow into your life. The blockages you’ve experienced will soon disappear as you continue to let go and be free.

From here you can change the world. Your light allows love to express itself and that will affect people and situations close to you and far beyond your awareness. But most importantly, you will feel you have finally found a place that feels like home.

Stephen Edwards | Inspire Me Today

Mind your stories

David Christopher Mind your stories

Mind your stories; question them often.
Nourish those that serve.

Change those that do not.
Far easier said than done, yes?

For many of our darker stories
have cut grooves in the primordial stone of our psyches—
and the river of mind all too easily turns back into
these dark and shadowy valleys.
So mind also your story
about changing your story;
be quick to forgive
both yourself and your world
should the story be slow to change.

Mind your stories; know them for what they are.
For more than it is through your wild circumstances,
It is instead through your stories
that you might find
and happiness.

Mind your stories about health,
about what is sickness, wellness,
and suffering.
For it is not your suffering,
but your stories about suffering
that makes pain either buoyant
or burdensome.

Mind your stories about prosperity,
about what is enough.
For it is not your desire,
but your stories about desire
that leaves you
either full or wanting.
If you find yourself succumbing to envy,
surround yourself with the impoverished.
If you find yourself succumbing to
or vanity,
surround yourself with those
who are kind, gentle, and wise.
Do these things, and you may learn
of the deeper meaning of prosperity.

Mind your stories about happiness,
about what will bring you joy.
Be wary of striving for happiness;
it would be like striving to grow a flower garden.
You can do only this:
find a sunny place for the soul,
prepare the soil of your destiny,
water the seeds of what might be,
tend to the weeds of shadowy stories,
and then,
the rose will bloom all bright and shining . . .
but you can never force her to do so.

And beyond health, prosperity, and happiness,
mind your larger story.
Mind your story about your place in our cosmos.
Know that along with all of the beings
of the Web of Life,
you, too, are a child of the Infinite:
that great, mysterious process
that worked patiently
for billions of years
to bring your tiny but delightful
sacred sparkle of stardust
into being.

Finally, mind your contribution to our larger story.
Ponder your place in the possibility
that we are growing beyond
both the story of gods and goddesses
serving or stymying us
and the old scientific story
of a decaying and meaningless Universe
to a new story of the Infinite,
a Planetary Story of a mysteriously creative Universe.
Know that we each have a place
in the birth of this emerging story,
and that yours is a vital role as midwife.

For it is through our new story that we can awaken
to a deeper communion with Earth,
know and love our place within her Web of Life,
rejoice in her,
and share in her bounty.
And we do so with gratitude, respect,
and humility,
For we know that, while we have learned much,
there is still much to learn
as our Planetary Story awakens within
our Holy Universe.

David Christopher | Inspire Me Today

Let Go and Let Me Guide You (Eileen Caddy)

There are so many hidden wonders and truths waiting to be revealed to 
those who are ready to receive them. Are you really ready to accept something
 completely new and strange, something absolutely unorthodox? When something new is invented there is usually great controversy about it. There are the believers and the unbelievers, there are those who are willing to try the new and those who
 shun it. There are those who scoff at it and ridicule it because it’s beyond their 
understanding. That is why, when you are entering into the New you have to be strong and of 
good courage, so you are able to withstand any opposition and simply know from
 within that what you are doing is right and go right ahead without hesitation. If
 an inventor listened to all the confused voices all around him, he would never 
achieve that which has been given to him from within. When I give you some 
wisdom and knowledge within, allow nothing to shake it, hold on to it through 
thick and thin and you will behold the most wonderful results. Listen only to My
 still small voice and you will be able to bring forth the New. This does not require
 any effort on your part, it simply requires faith and obedience and absolute belief 
in what you are doing. Let go and let Me guide you.

20 September 2013

Choice is a human right

Tina Brescanu Choice is a human rightIf you have made the choice to be born, to come here to Earth, you have a right to be here. You are worthy; there is nothing you have to do other than being you.

Children are holy; nurture them with love, more love and then some more love. Love is growth nourishment. Family is a team work, parenting is the most important job in the world; parenthood is the only real opportunity to become a saint, it’s love instigation work.

How you parent can change the world, connect with your children and always practice positive parenting. Family can be any constellation and if you want to make it a multi-partner family, do. Love is limitless. Make it your daily exercise to hug and love squeeze instead of punishing and using the power over advantage.

Children’s wisdom is ignored instead of extracted in a school system that concentrates more on obedience than education. To learn the most in life you have to follow your own passion, your own interest which is not easy as school certainly will try to cure you of any notion of a life of your own choosing, until at least graduation…. But by then you’re usually already living under the spell of life as a race, competing for everything with everyone instead of being on your own magical mystery tour. Be curious as love and question everything if you can’t escape school.

Choice is a human right, so claim it from birth, by being bold, by being difficult. This won’t be easy as the obligatory start of life is designed to make you conform, to fit in. Being oneself entirely is an act of bravery as instead of help how to become who you really are you have to cope with socialisation which has no empathy for differentness and no tolerance for people standing out.

Happiness comes from within and only you can make yourself happy, but other people will help to show your inner riches.

Make friends across all imaginary borders, but first make best friends with yourself. Give yourself the honour of getting to know yourself- it’s not self-indulgence, it’s self love. Smoking is an expression of suicidal thoughts and drinking alcohol is an expression of doubts about life; don’t let others tell you who you are, because if you ever feel like escaping your own life, the only one who can save you is you.

Make friends with death, talk openly and honestly about this natural transition in life. It’s not a failure, it’s simply a continuation of life. Look after your sexual health as well as your mental and physical health, sex is a creative energy of pleasure and new ideas.

Empathy, gratefulness, forgiveness and laughter are the riches of life, money too, but it’s an energy that needs to move, not be hoarded.

Allow yourself to find your own spiritual source, and if it happens to be cosmic love instead of a named deity, fuel up.

Tina Brescanu | Inspire Me Today


Javier Ideami MoveLook at the shining sun, listen to the singing water, feel the unpredictable wind. Are those ever completely still? Not really. They are in fact always in movement, always flowing. Anything that is alive is always moving and changing. And so are you.

Whatever your circumstances are, they are already changing, right now. And in what direction? That depends entirely on you. Every single thought that crosses your mind, every single action you take is the foundation of who you will be right around the corner.

That’s why, whatever you are feeling today, remember that you are already becoming somebody else, moving in the direction you choose through the thoughts and actions you perform now, right now.

Most of our frustrations in life arise when we try to block, stop or go against the natural everchanging flow of life. That is in fact the opposite of creativity. As an artist i have learnt that the essence of creativity is flowing with your own soul and nature.

You are a beautiful whisper of the earth, whose natural behaviour is to explore, to learn, to experience, to engage, to change, to evolve.

We often attempt to block this process by for example wishing for a person never to change (because we like that person right as he/she is today), by wishing for us never to change (because we fear the consequences of change), by wishing to control the flow of life and set it exactly as we like it today and keep it that way forever.

The fact is, thats not possible. And the more we try in that direction the more unhappy we feel because we are fighting against something much larger and bigger and powerful than us, life.

The answer to this challenge is in recognizing our true nature and flowing with it. When we understand that every single part of us, from our smallest cells to our deepest thoughts are constantly changing, we can then relax and enjoy our true nature, swimming along with it and discovering the amazing variety, richness and infinite joy we can find all around us when we are truly there engaged with what is going on at every moment.

Some people fear that love and other valuable things are in danger because of this everchanging reality of life. It is in fact the opposite. Those things that are rigid and never move are the ones that crack and break easily. Those that flow and move continuously are also the ones that are most resilient and last longer. Start looking around, reconnect with life, from the trees to the skycrapers, all of them move to adapt to the winds or the earthquakes. Love is also movement and only in movement it can thrive, grow and last.

By realizing that like the wind, like the trees, like the sun, you are constantly evolving and flowing, second by second, you will discover that every one of those moments is different and full of amazing opportunities and joy that are right there for you to interact with.

You are an artist. Yes. You are. Because your life is your art, and if you truly engage with it, your life itself will be the most beautiful artistic work you will have ever seen.

Javier Ideami | Inspire Me Today

Shining regularly is as crucial as bathing regularly!

Victoria Moran Shining regularly is as crucial as bathing regularly! Everybody needs some time to shine, time to be recognized, special, admired. It’s not selfish: it’s human.

Early one Saturday I saw in the local paper that a workshop for blues musicians was scheduled for that very morning. I showed the notice to my husband, who intends to be the world’s next great blues harmonica player. “I’d like to go, “he said, “but I promised I would paint your office.” I assured him that the office could wait and sent him off with my blessing.

He thought I was being selfless and wonderful, but I really wasn’t. You see, I’d had a lot of shine time that week—a couple of career successes, lunch out with five favorite friends, and a massage that had accounted for one, entire, luxurious hour. I was full. When you’re basking in the sun, it’s natural to want those you love to join you there. But if you’re not getting enough of your own shine time, it’s easy to be needy, whiny, and pitiful.

It can get worse than that: the shine-deficient tend to resent other people’s accomplishments and dampen their dreams. Sometimes, they sabotage the potential of even their own children because their need for personal recognition is so seldom met. Parents who want to keep their children from pursuing an art or a sport “because it’s not practical” are in this category. So are those who push their kids toward unrealistic academic or athletic achievements. They’re trying to get some shine secondhand.

For your own benefit as well as for the benefit of those around you, shining regularly is as crucial as bathing regularly. You can get the shine time that’s essential to creating a charmed life in myriad ways. Among them:

Indulge yourself often in what you do well. If you’re a good swimmer, swim. If you’re a good seamstress, sew.

Spend time with people who think you’re splendid – and who’ll tell you so.

Celebrate yourself. Mark the occasions of your life with friends and festivity. Never get too old to have birthday parties.

Train those close to you to appreciate shine time by giving them some. Keep track of their special days. Notice their accomplishments. Never leave an honest compliment unspoken.

Don’t downplay your successes, i.e., “It was just an automatic promotion. Anybody would have gotten it.”

When you’re in the limelight, invite others to share it. Think of those Academy Award recipients thanking all those people by name.

When the world isn’t noticing you, notice yourself. Buy yourself a present. Send yourself flowers. Take yourself to lunch someplace that uses cloth napkins.

Allow other people unimpeded shine time. We like to look at celebrities and make comments like “Nobody is worth that much money” and “Why doesn’t somebody teach that woman how to dress?” Just for practice, let it go. Let other people shine, even the radiant strangers on TV.

Welcome shine time as a cyclic occurrence. Nobody is in the spotlight nonstop. Accept that you will shine, step back, then shine again. The moon has phases from dark to full. So do we. We’re fully valuable throughout the cycle. At certain times, we just attract more attention.

Victoria Moran | Inspire Me Today

Life’s teachings

David Boufford Life's teachingsOne of my favorite quotations about life’s teachings comes from Thomas Carlyle, who said “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”

So, here’s what I’ve come to know:

Take care of yourself as best you can. Daily exercise, relaxation and nutrition are vital for optimal performance in every area of life. Do your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Love is what makes life worth living. I believe learning to love is the most important skill we can develop in our lives, and yes I strongly believe it’s a skill that must be learned. I think it’s the reason why we are born – to love and be loved.

Give until it hurts. That’s my motto and sometimes it does hurt – especially when others take advantage. But give anyway! Giving is the other part of receiving, and I’ve found that helping others always comes back to me multiplied.

Learn to be interested in others and their lives. Always look for ways to be of service and you’ll never be alone. You never know who you’ll meet and how your life will be blessed by your connection.

Have goals but don’t fall in love with them. Be flexible, as life is ever changing and your goals will change as you grow and your dreams evolve.

Learn to flow with life like a stream. Change is the only constant in our world, everything and everyone is in always in a constant state of change. Learn to flow with life, relax and enjoy the ride. Remember, “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…”

Develop persistence. I always like to remember that when life knocks you down (and it will), your ability to persist and look at the big picture is what gets you through.

Practice gratitude everyday. Everyone can find something to be grateful for and developing an “Attitude of Gratitude” will pay dividends in ways you cannot imagine.

Grow through adversity. The trick to growing through adversity is not “becoming a victim” by looking for reasons “why,” but by looking for the benefits in the situation. Ask yourself high quality questions that start with how or what, such as:

  • How does this help me?
  • What’s good about this situation?
  • What can I learn from this?

Exercise control over your thoughts and emotions. There’s only one thing you can completely control in life and that’s your thinking. Master your mind and the world is yours.

David Boufford | Inspire Me today

Your past does not define your future – your actions and beliefs do

Linda Joy Your past does not define your futureTo Love fully. Laugh daily. Be silly. Embrace your dreams! Feel gratitude for the simplest of pleasures. Discover the beauty of silence. Spend quiet time alone each day. Live from your heart not your head. Keep a gratitude journal. Be an inspiration to others. Shine your light for others to follow.

Be more – do less. Release fear. Allow yourself to receive the blessings of life. Living a joyful life is a choice – choose wisely. Release the shackles of self-judgment.

Step outside your comfort zone. Take baby steps each day toward the life of your dreams. Believe in the truth that anything is truly possible – because it IS! Discover the wisdom within! Be prepared for life’s curveballs and remember to duck.

Remember that you are not your past or your mistakes. Release the mistakes of the past and carry forward only the lessons they contain. You have the power to rewrite your story at any time. Journal daily.

Surround yourself with those who honor the best in you. You are a unique gift to the world and you are meant to shine. Follow your passion and you will never dread going to ‘work’ each day. To make a new friend – be a friend.

In every relationship, both personal and professional ask yourself “How can I serve?” Reach out and support the dreams of others. Join a Mastermind or two and connect with those who encourage your dreams. Imagine the possibilities then create them.

Live your life – not the life others imagined for you. Be a spiritual warrior! Embrace your Higher Power. Connect daily to your source. Live a juicy, joyful, passionate life. Your passions are your guide to your divine purpose – follow them. Write your ‘bucket list’ and cross things off each week.

View every interaction as a path to growth. Find your ‘tribe’. Look at every life experience as a tool to reconnecting with your authentic self. Visualize the life you desire. Create a sacred space in your home. Give back. Pick a cause and support it wholeheartedly.

Discover your unique passion and mission and bring it forward to make a difference in the world. Surround yourself with those who lift you up. Release those people or things that prevent you from shining your light. Believe in the power of forgiveness. Open your heart to see the divine beauty in everyone.

Read publications that inspire you to live from the inside out. Tune in to the wisdom and insights of those who have walked the path before you. Ignite your passion! Honor your body and feed your soul. Nourish your relationships. Maintain balance. Be your own best friend. Embrace change.

And most importantly – love yourself! You are perfect just as you are!

Linda Joy | Inspire Me Today

Real wealth

Richard Moss real wealthWhat is it that I can give to you or you to me that brings each of us pleasure or new insight, that depletes neither of us, and that we can then pass on to others without losing anything of our own?

What is it we can give to each other that improves the quality of living for both of us, and does so without exhausting the vital resources of our planet? What is it that cannot be taken from us in the way we can lose a job, our savings, or even a loved one?

This is real wealth. It is our sincere smile, the honest concern that can be read in our eyes. It is a helping hand offered and the pleasure of sharing in something that relieves another’s burden. It is something of the wisdom we have garnered from our years of living offered unpretentiously and without attachment to whether it is received.

It is the quality of our attention: our willingness not to judge or interpret as we listen. It is the way in which we let someone inside of us, so we can know him or her directly. Or know the sunset, or the light dancing on rustling leaves.

Real wealth is a living presence, a soft current of joy that blesses us whenever we are truly present without reaction or defense, whenever our hearts are open and we offer to each moment a deep receptivity and respect.

Real wealth can be passed on and on and no one loses, no one is diminished, energy is not wasted, nothing is harmed. Indeed quite the opposite: in the passing onward of our real wealth, we grow wealthier, more alive, more content.

We have no need for any special place to showcase our importance. No stage must be set, no big car in the driveway. We have no need to fill a sense of emptiness by consuming for the sake of consuming. Like any addiction, material consumption just breeds the need to consume more and never fills the empty place. But giving of our caring, offering our attention, really listening to each other, this fills us from within and it is a source that is inexhaustible.

When we are really wealthy, it is not being seen for what we have that fills us, it is how we see.

Richard Moss | Inspire Me today