Have a dream

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian Have a dreamIf I had five minutes to tell my daughter what I believe to be the success of living happily, this is what it would be…

Have a dream. It may be lofty or small – but it should be yours. And it must do two things. It should make you happy. And it should be of value to others.

Live your dream with passion. Passion is the energy that fires the spark of your desire, fans it into a glorious flame, and shows off your radiant brilliance.

Pursue your dream with determination. Believe with all your heart that it will come true, no matter how remote or difficult or impossible it may seem at the moment.

Dare to be different. Throw off the shackles of what is ‘regular’ or ‘conventional’ or ‘accepted’ – and follow your heart. Yes, it is often scary, unnerving and terrifying to give up the familiar and the secure to follow your dreams. It takes a lot of courage. Find it.

Feel gratitude. Wake up every morning feeling thankful for all the things you have – even the ones that, until now, you’ve taken for granted. Think about those who do not have those things.

Also, be a little crazy. Have a little fun. Let that little child within you come out and enjoy itself every now and then.

Have a personal philosophy that directs all that you do. Mine is a simple four-word mantra… “Be Kind. Help Others.”

And in the end, have no regrets. We are all human, and therefore imperfect. We will always make mistakes. And that’s ok. Yes, things could have been better. But they also could have been worse.

The only question you must ask yourself is this: “Did I do my best?”

I hope your answer will be “Yes, I did.”

That’s all that matters.

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian | Inspire Me Today

Treat yourself, others, and the planet like we treat our newborn babies

Dr. Karen Lee Paquette Treat yourself...Imagine a world where people treat themselves, others, and the planet like we treat our newborn babies… We give them limitless unconditional love, strive to predict and exceed their every need, care for, protect, and support them to create a bright, beautiful, successful, and joyous future…. What we are doing, in a nutshell, is simply nurturing our baby’s health.

My definition of health includes our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health. Whether it be meeting physical needs such as feeding, or mental/emotional needs such as soothing them when they cry, or surrounding them with people who love them or ensuring that their experiences are positive, these are all parts of nurturing the holistic health of a human being.

When I say the words ‘nurturing health,’ I mean that every choice we make contributes to our holistic health, in body, mind, heart, and/or spirit.

In this day and age, I meet people who tell me they feel overwhelmed with the state of our people and our planet. They often wonder if or how they can make a difference. They wonder if “little ol’ me” can have any real positive impact in the world.

I share with them that we can all start by creating healthy bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. And since people and mother nature are all connected, it will have a positive impact on others and our beautiful planet.

If we apply the same basic ‘healthy’ principles that we apply to ourselves, directly to our interactions with others and our planet, we will naturally create healthy people and a healthy planet. And by a healthy planet I mean a clean, harmonious, peaceful and abundant world.

To respect, nurture, and honour ourselves and our planet, we can:

  • Refrain from putting toxins into our bodies and planet by carefully choosing:
    • Local ‘real food'(something you can either grow or raise) that is free of toxins and chemicals.
    • Primarily vegetarian sources of food: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains.
    • Clean drinking water while at the same time minimizing bottled water use.
    • Natural, toxin free household and self care products.
  • Move your body regularly (challenging your heart, lungs, and muscles).
  • Shift towards using environmentally friendly transportation options.
  • Get adequate and restful sleep and relaxation.
  • Ensure you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
  • Effectively manage your stress.
  • Look for solutions not problems.
  • Choose a mental perspective that makes your feel empowered.
  • Practice forgiveness (to set yourself free from pain).
  • Give and receive plenty of love and laughter.
  • Know that everyone and everything is connected and that your thoughts, words, and deeds have a powerful impact on people and the planet.

Remember, if you come upon challenges, as we all do, focus on creating solutions to overcome them rather than being stopped in your tracks.

Dr. Karen Lee Paquette | Inspire Me Today

Take your time; there is no other time

Avikal Costantino take your time; there is no other timeTake your time; there is no other time. Even when everything seems to accelerate beyond control – especially then – take your time.

Time does not exist as an objective thing; it depends completely on your perception and your connection with yourself. If you are present, in touch with how you experience reality and open to what you are experiencing, then you are the master of time, not its slave.

How do we do that? The method is simple: it has a few basic steps that require no particular skills, talents or techniques. It is called “practicing presence”.

I imagine that you, like me, want to live life and not just survive. I assume that you too want to experience life’s fullness and richness. I know that you too have asked yourself at least once, “Is this all there is to life?” There is an answer to that: presence.

It is the answer to all questions because it is the only quality that allows you to find your answers and those are the only answers that will satisfy your thirst and your longing.

Very often, it seems very difficult to take time for yourself, to find, even conceive, the possibility that you can live according to your rhythm. At times, nearly impossible. And yes, it’s not easy because pretty much everything in the world as we know it is there to distract us.

What is easy is getting lost in other people, in objects, in projects, in worrying, in acquiring and running after… and yet if we can just stop for a second and ask ourselves these questions: Who is getting lost? Who is running? Who is reading right now?

Just by asking this WHO, we are already a little less lost, a little less on the run, a little more present. And, then the next question is, present to who? To the only one that can be aware of the running and the getting lost and the reading and the asking… YOU!

You are the miracle, the fundamental awareness that recognizes each event, moment, potential, tendency, relation, emotion, sensation, and thought that is this life you want to live fully.

So the first step is: ask the question and take the time to feel the presence of the experiencer. You will be getting in touch, little by little, with what I call the Authentic Self: the unique manifestation that you are.

The second step is: remember your Self. Once you recognize that you exist at the very center of your every moment, then just take the time to stop in that moment and remember: I am the experiencer.

The third step is: remember when you forget. Embrace your forgetting. There is no need for guilt, no need for self judgment, just notice, “Oh, I forgot!” And you will be instantaneously back and connected.

This is a practice, my friend. Something that will take time and intention and commitment, but the passion that you will find, the joy in being present, the delight for the richness of any experience, and the gratefulness….

Avikal Costantino | Inspire Me Today

Peace of mind

Karstein Bjastad Peace of mindI have learned that the greatest virtue, and the greatest gift you can give yourself, is peace of mind. And, thankfully, it’s something you can choose to give yourself.

Your true self experiences peace of mind eternally, but, in order to experience your true self, you need to experience that peace first.

This makes peace of mind the key thing to aim for in life. Again, you can choose to have it. This is primarily achieved by mentally letting go of what disturbs you.

Your lack of peace of mind is generated by your investment in maintaining your false sense of self; by mental attachments to who you are not. In truth you are perfect, innocent, fully protected and lacking nothing. Your daily experience of who you are is not who you are in truth.

Against your seeming experience, be willing to accept that you are perfect, innocent, fully protected and lacking nothing. Equally, be willing to accept that this is also true for everyone else. Also, be willing to accept that in your mind you have a memory of this perfection of yours and others.

When your peace of mind is disturbed, remind yourself of this; remind yourself that you and any other involved in disturbing your peace are completely innocent. Not only are you innocent, you are eternally perfect and fully protected and cared for.

Then, together with your memory of your perfection, truly forgive it; forgive the cause of your disturbed peace of mind as the untruth and nothingness that in truth it is, and release it to the part of your mind that remembers your perfection. In doing so, your peace of mind is restored, and your propensity to have your peace disturbed again by a similar situation is lowered.

By ultimately making this view of yourself and others second nature, by always being mindful of your and others’ innocence and perfection, nothing can disturb your inner peace.

I am eternally grateful for coming across this wisdom, as it has given me and numerous other people I know, a greater peace in life. I am also grateful that this wisdom is spreading, and that more people as a result are experiencing more peace of mind, and as such, are getting closer to experiencing their true self.

My peace of mind is not yet fully restored, but with this wisdom, I have the tool, and the power, to regain my peace of mind every time it is disturbed. Furthermore, I feel very lucky to be in a position where I have the opportunity to pass this wisdom on to whoever crosses my path and is ready to hear it.

Karstein Bjastad | Inspire Me Today

About the soul and relationships

Devrah Laval About the soul and relationshipsOur soul work starts with the ones we love, the ones who know our deepest secrets and our worst fears. These close relationships are the primary stepping-stones to learning how to love unconditionally.

But bringing love and compassion to one another in these dark times is more easily said than done. So often our insecurities, disappointments, or expectations – stemming from our belief that the other person is responsible for our happiness – can get in the way.

No wonder we want to run from or push away the relationships that most strongly reflect our darkness. It’s our erroneous belief that they are the cause of our malaise, when in fact they are merely reflecting back to us the separation that exists within us already!

How can we bridge such separation? How can we become one with those we love, whether they are partners, family members, or co-workers? How can we transcend the endless conflicts about finances, domestic routines, and intimacy issues, never mind the cultural, religious and political disagreements that create even more reasons for us to push one another out of our hearts?

Perhaps we can take our cue from the great 13th century mystical poet, Jalaluddin Rumi, who said: “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” This applies to our hearts as well as our physical surroundings. It expresses the “Perfect” relationship to others and to Life itself.

When we can be the soul of the relationship that we are in, when we can remember that this person whom we might be upset with just wants to be seen through the eyes of Love, we can change the lens through which we are looking, and instead of seeing only the daily problems and accompanying flaws in the other, we can see their inherent innocence and divinity and our oneness with them.

We can be the soul/love of every relationship if we have the courage to set aside our ego by putting others first and backing down from power struggles a chain reaction is created transforming our world.

Where there is Love, there is no ego. When we make our love stronger than our greed, we will be able to protect each other as well as our Earth. When we make our love stronger than our judgments, we will listen to and understand the unique beauty and intelligence in others. When we make our love stronger than our pride, we will see God in everyone, even our enemies. When we make our love stronger than our criticism, we won’t sweat the small stuff.

When we make our love stronger than our doubt, we will never feel alone. We will have a constant relationship with the Perfect One, who knows our every thought, word and deed, and is closer to us than our own breath. Every day, we will see the whole world and each person in it as a part of us and we will experience the sheer joy of being in the most Perfect Relationship of all.

Devrah Laval | Inspire Me Today


Sean Meshorer BeingWe spend too much time doing and not enough Being. Our lives are structured around activity: work, raising children, hobbies, exercise or sports, studying, entertainment (concerts, restaurants, movies, video games, reading), traveling, having sex, and so on.

The list of things we do is practically infinite. Even when we aren’t doing much, we’re mostly likely thinking about or planning things we want to do in the future.

We spend very little time just Being. We don’t even know what this means and why it’s important, let alone how to do it.

When we are Being rather than doing, we have a true, direct encounter with pure feeling. In these moments of pure feeling, we experience awe and commune with the Mystery of the universe. Our thoughts subside. Life is full and immediate. Boundless possibilities emerge.

We might experience extraordinary inner peace. We might gain penetrating insight into the fabric of the Universe. We might feel a profound sense of interconnectedness. Or experience intense, almost overwhelming bliss. Perhaps, even have full-blown mystical experiences.

Learning to Be starts with being present in this Now-Moment. We hear a lot about this. Being fully present is important but perhaps also misunderstood. Being present in the moment is not in itself the ultimate state of Being. It is where we start; it’s the doorway at the beginning of a journey, but not the entire journey.

(That isn’t to say it’s unimportant. The rest of the journey is impossible without finding and opening this first door.)

After we come into this Now-Moment, we must continue to plumb the depths of Being. Unadulterated Being is realized through tapping into pure, inner-directed feeling. Learning how to truly feel is a lost art. Emotions and feelings are not the same. Emotions are outward-directed reactions, attached to the external roller coaster of life’s ups and downs. They are the product of our various doings.

Imagine a pendulum. Positive and negative emotions occur at the ends of the swinging pendulum. On one end might be negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, and the like. The opposite end of the pendulum has positive emotions such as happiness, hope, amusement, interest, or conditional love.

In contrast, feelings are inward. They aren’t connected to outward experience except insofar as (sometimes) outward events can trigger an inward feeling, though externalities can never control or determine it. Authentic feeling is perfectly grounded and always calm. Centeredness and peacefulness accompanies all genuine feeling.

True feeling occurs when that pendulum is either completely settled and unmoving or, if the pendulum of life’s activity is in motion, it’s that one moment of stillness when the pendulum is perfectly centered at its midline, before it begins its swing in one direction or the other.

The challenge of pure Being is to experience it without lapsing into too much doing. This is the paradox: “practices” can be a trap, pulling us into the outward world of doing rather than Being. What we really want are those contemplative practices which undo: meditation, chanting (devotional singing or instrumental music), genuine prayer (not the kind that asks for outward things, but rather inward experience), japa (repeating a sacred word formula), and the like are some of the vehicles that can bring us to the rest state of pure Being.

Mostly, however, we must be consciously aware that the Being-state exists and then choose to be open to its infinite possibility. You will be thrilled to discover that even just a little experience of pure Being is completely transformative.

Sean Meshorer | Inspire Me Today

Yes we can. With love, we can.

Dr. Eva Selhub Yes we can. With love, we can.I would want you to believe that anything is possible, especially if we unite and stand together. Love is the key.

Remember being children? Remember when our imagination allowed us to believe that anything is possible? What happened?

See, over time, as we have experienced an often difficult and challenging world, one in which fear has become prominent, our mind and hearts have had a hard time staying open and optimistic. Our mind and hearts have started functioning in scarcity mode rather than sufficiency, believing that we were not enough or would not have enough, that perhaps, nothing would ever be enough.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty and fear. We have become involved in a war that among many other decisions, many of us have not agreed with. Like children crying to be paid attention to, our cries have felt ignored by the adults who act without thinking, possibly causing more harm than good. We have become divided—the rich and the poor; the republicans and democrats; the religious and the secular; male and female; young and old.

As the last eight years catapulted into an economic collapse and continued global warming, the belief that we were invincible, that anything was possible for us to handle, dwindled. Stress that used to be manageable became impossible. We succumbed to Fear—fear for our future, for our jobs, for our homes, for our environment, for our health, for our children—and felt alone. With Fear has come the Fear Response, meaning more physical, mental and emotional breakdowns, less capability of handling stress, and a vicious cycle.

So I want for you to break the cycle.

I want for you to get back to believing that anything is possible.

I want for you to find hope and I want you to learn to collaborate. I want you to believe again, “;yes we can,”; because we all have unique qualities that when put together, make a beautiful and empowered larger whole.

Know that the difference between fear and courage is only this belief—the belief that anything is possible.

So begin the collective shift out of fear towards love. Unite and connect to the love and power of others, within yourselves and of the larger universe. With love within you and among you, your hearts and minds will open. You will discover that anything is possible when we unite.

Yes, we are facing great challenges and threats to our survival. Yes, we have made many mistakes. Yes, we are uncertain of the future. But yes, we have on another. Yes, we can face adversity with dignity, integrity and grace, together.

Yes we can. With love, we can.

Dr. Eva Selhub | Inspire Me Today

Life, Love, Beauty, Acceptance

Philip Pegler LifePlease remember always to be grateful, for gratitude is a great antidote to misfortune. Life overflows with abundance and yet all too often we hardly notice it and fail to give thanks. This is the greatest tragedy for mankind, but every individual still has the power to make a difference to the world through integrity and courage.

If Life has taught me anything, it is that our conscious existence is fleeting and supremely precious – never to be taken for granted. Love created us and will never abandon what It has made. Trusting in this realisation, we must never, ever give up hope.

Above all, I trust in this love, but I frequently reflect also that Truth can never be grasped and that there is no neat formula by which finally it may be known or described. It is the one ineffable living Reality – and everyone is already an expression of That, moment by moment. Enlightenment does not need to be attained – our true nature as consciousness only needs to be recognised.

Look deeply with the eyes of love and you will clearly see the hidden beauty at the heart of creation, perceiving it in the midst of human cruely and conflict no less than in the marvels and sometimes destructive power of Nature.

How inscrutable this beauty is, for it speaks a secret language we cannot yet discern adequately. Stay silent and ponder then in the face of the unimaginable suffering of the world. Such deep reflection will yield a sense of profound peace and equanimity.

Love is never absent, but it often seems veiled – and this too is an inconceivable mystery, which cannot be apprehended without humility. So let us refrain from judgement when tempted to flinch before the hard face of Reality. Instead let us remain calm and show forbearance rather than being disconcerted by the continual buffeting of daily life. We need to accept that a degree of sometimes unbearable discomfort belongs to the privilege of physical embodiment.

Perceiving the inescapable duality of all created things, we can then more easily allow pain along with pleasure – and beauty together with ugliness. We can learn to see all separate appearances as distinct but cohesive within the all-embracing light of Oneness and sense the stable reality of our existence rooted in the silent background of Being.

Acceptance is surrender to Life and this brings joy, not the sorrow which is so often evident as the bitter harvest of resistance. When we endeavour to accept our difficulties with as much dignity and goodwill as we can muster, those very impediments become creative opportunities – and the sting of pain eases.

Hardship accepted with good grace ennobles us in the radiance of fortitude. You will marvel to witness how great courage can emerge from the ashes of considerable loss. Finally you will no longer fear stern challenges and at last you will glimpse what it means to be fully human. Genuine compassion will arise within us all as we embrace the suffering of the world with fresh understanding.

Philip Pegler | Inspire Me Today


Nina Meyerhof UnityWhatever you see lives inside of you. If you see something, then it is your perception. If you go inside and deal with that perception then it can be cleansed and erased and given DIVINE LIGHT. The biology of cells holds memories but is influenced by the mind. Free the mind and free the self for the LIGHT.

Thus, freedom is what you give yourself and thus to others. If we do this then we are all in right relationship as a family of humankind walking planet earth. Youth are the doorway to the emerging new understanding. Trust them as you trust yourself and they will lead us into UNITY. Help them be our dreams. Show them as you heal yourself that what is emerging is for all of life and not the gains of outer forms based on greed and lust and power over.

There is no together as there is only ONE. It is us as humans, who only function from a personal understanding of the self that have ego and thus refuse to see ONE. We now know there is only that Oneness from science but hardly know how to release ourselves from our personal selves to walk into this stage of understanding.

Yet in this stage of understanding is where we will only become into the unified understanding of wholeness, collaboration, meeting the needs of the other and functioning as a healthy body of a living source. Our times dictate that necessity of knowing this as we are at the verge of destroying all that is what we see as separate. This is the teaching of the times. Our egos of personal greed demand that we destruct or learn. Now is the time…..a precious time of learning here on Earth. Education…to bring forth…leads the way.

In education now, we must look to describe the universals. It is by asking the questions and finding the reflection and knowing that each individual will respond in the same way that we see and know we all want peace, harmony, our needs fulfilled and a life of connecting in relationship to another. These are really simple wants but hard to achieve.

To accomplish this, we must no longer support diversity through tolerance and justice but rather to look at the point of unity and then address the differences from there. If we are the same as humans as 99.9% in genome theory, then we must start to realize in our minds of separateness that how little there is to be different to define our egos.

To educate the coming generations, we must give them ample opportunity to know that they must remember to seek that point of unity. There is evolutionary history and now each coming generation has a closer consciousness to fully understand the potential of moving into this point of unity. We as humans are given the choice… to fortify the ego or live in conscious collaboration. The world changes as we change.

Nina Meyerhof | Inspire Me today


Choices Jaden SterlingDuring the course of daily life, we are faced with a series of choices. Each choice comes with its own consequences, some lasting longer than others. Choices made out of fear or desperation will lead you to reacting from your head rather than leading with your heart.

Fear is a useless emotion that will cause you to say and do things you will surely regret. Always have a plan in place to nip fear in the bud when you feel it start to bubble up. This will serve you well.

The distance from your head to your heart is only 16″ and it will be the longest journey you ever take in your life and the most worthwhile one.

Making choices from your heart creates an opening for your true self to spread its message by example to others. When others see you acting bravely, giving generously, loving deeply, crying openly, lifting another up, and being of service to others it inspires them to make similar choices that lead to worthwhile pursuits.

Worthwhile pursuits include: allowing for the creative dreams inside of you to see the light of day, striving for greatness and learning from failure along the way.

Invest your most precious resource – time! – wisely since you can never get it back.

Love people and use money, not the other way around.

A smile is free yet is gold to the recipient.

Trust yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt always and in all ways, doing so gives you the freedom to flourish at the game called life.

Remember your God given toolset as you journey along your path: mind body and spirit and use each to its full potential.

Money comes to those who are its ally. Use it wisely, spend sparingly, invest in your self generously. Money can be a wise and patient teacher to those who are ready to learn more about themselves. It knows when you are ready to receive it — then it comes.

It doesn’t take money to make money, it takes vision.

Money’s energy is a combination of creativity and discipline. When you allow for your feminine creative energy to flow and are disciplined in your approach you will surely be blessed with an abundance of money.

Feeling blessed and grateful leads to more things in life to feel grateful for. Gratitude, love and joy are energies of the highest magnitude and can bring form to whatever you envision.

Belief is powerful, yet knowing is essential for you to manifest a life of your choosing. What you know to be true happens for you.

Always and in all ways, pursue your inner calling with faith, trust and hope, for these create a strong foundation for your purpose to take hold.

And lastly, trust your inner guidance system; it will never lead you astray.

Jaden Sterling | Inspire Me Today