Lessons for Humanity

Jen BlackertMy Top 10 Life Lessons for Humanity….

1. TRUTH: Let go of all your inner struggles or fights by accepting what is. What IS the truth? When you accept what is, you can then choose to keep what you may not want or change it. So be impeccable with your true word, so you can accept and see what is – this will allow you to make conscious decisions to change it what you don’t like. “…The truth will set you free.” John 8:32

2. PASSION: Listen to the desires and passions in your heart. There is reason for these passions – you see — your passions are your divine path. Spirit guides us with our feelings within – go within or go without.

3. SEE: See yourself living your dreams now. Hold the vision and make your decisions based on what you see. It really is that simple.

4. EXPERIENCE: Too often we find ourselves “doing” things and not “experiencing” life. Be in life and stop “doing” things to get things done. The great Taoist master Lao Tzu said, “Do without doing.”

5. GIVE: When you give yourself, your gifts and gratitude the universe send opportunities and rewards in abundance for all areas of life.

6. RECEIVE: When we can do both give and receive openly — life flows with ease. Be open to every opportunity to give and receive.

7. LOVE: Fall in love with everything that is in your life. This includes the people you interact with, your environment, work, life and even how you operate you. Take time to take inventory of what you tolerate and what you don’t love, then remove what you aren’t in love with.

8. POWER: We are more powerful than we may ever know. Too often we allow illusions such as fear, doubt and worry to creep in. When you understand these are just feeling in your human body and they are not you — you can shift your emotions positively and stand in your power.

9. JOY: Allow life to be simple, easy and FUN. Do what you want. Love the life you lead. Stop following the rules of the world and march to your drummer.

10. CHANGE YOUR MIND: Know the techniques you need to change your subconscious habit and behaviors so you can live a life of personal freedom.

Jen Blackert | Inspire Me Today


Matt KahnWhat I know to be true is no matter how turbulent the roller coaster of life seems to be, or however many times I swing from one emotional high, to any emotional low, this life is a precious gift of experience I honor and treasure – no matter what form it appears to take.

I know that whatever I know is only a point of view based on a past history of experiences, with every single point of view hiding in the minds of all, being equally unique and valid to their past, as similar or as different as it seems from mine. To only be focused on my individual point of view is to build a belief, that how I see things may be more right than the others around me. This keeps me isolated in my own limited world of opinion, without the opportunity to learn from the brilliance that we’re all here to offer.

I know from the lessons of past experiences, whenever I remained lost in my own view point, I’d have to ignore every other possibility in the entire Universe, just to keep my limiting opinion in focus.

I could either choose to be right and ignore the entire world around me, or I could choose to be in peace, and invite the world into this opening heart of mine, that only wants to be loved, appreciated, and free from the burden of needing to decide if anyone, including myself, is acting right or wrong.

I know whenever anger erupts, that those emotional explosions are letting us know who is next in line to be appreciated and loved. When I was the one erupting, I took the time to notice that if no one was offering love to this hurt, angry or sensitive me, than it must be my turn to love and appreciate all that I am.

I know I am most thankful for the opportunity to love and appreciate the innocence in all, no matter what anyone says to me in return, since the love I offer must make its way through me, before even arriving in the heart of whom ever I’m choosing to embrace.

I know the only cost of this life of ever present peace and unconditional love is learning to simply accept and tolerate the opinions and thoughts of others. The words we speak, inform the world what thoughts we are unknowingly getting lost in, while the sounds of the words are there to get the world’s attention, asking for the unconditional love we are all here to offer ourselves, and one another.

I know that I’ll never be right, without someone else being labeled wrong, and what I really know for sure, is there is nothing you ever need to know, when there is the awareness of everything you are already here to love.

Matt Kahn | Inspire Me Today

The Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of FreedomWe are born with the spark of freedom that burns brightly within all of us, no matter where we live geographically or what we may experience politically.

Freedom is the opportunity to do what we want, when we want and choose how we want to do it. It’s following that voice inside, no matter where it might lead and oft times walking to a different drummer. It is the ability to think our own thoughts and make our own choices. Collectively, freedom can be expressed as a small group or as a country, but it always starts within the mind and the heart of an individual.

Historically, most times when we think of freedom, we think of it as something we must “fight for and protect”, yet it is already an integral part of our being and a choice we get to make each day. When we look at freedom as something outside of ourselves or something that can be taken from us, freedom isn’t free and the price can sometimes be quite expensive.

To me, freedom isn’t the ability to carry a gun or protect our property, but rather, to tap into an inherent birthright that no one can possibly take away from us. One only has to look at history and to the stories of people like Mahatma Gandhi or Lech Welesa to realize the power we have inside that comes from the freedom of our own thoughts.

Conversely, we can live in a “free” country, yet be prisoners to our own thoughts as well.

It helps to remember that we are all free to think whatever we want to think, regardless of the positions or actions of others. No matter our circumstances, no one can control our thoughts but us. Others may try to influence our thoughts, and circumstances may attempt to sway them, but ultimately, no person, situation or circumstance has the power to influence our thoughts unless we grant them that privilege. This personal choice of being able to think whatever we choose is the ultimate freedom.

Today, as many are celebrating the independence of a nation, remember to also acknowledge and celebrate the freedom that you have as an individual to think whatever thoughts you choose. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

First, look at your thoughts and let go of those that no longer serve you and your goals.

Next, choose where you want to go in life and focus on that direction, ignoring the nay-saying or well-intentions of friends and family, remembering that YOU and only you have the freedom to choose your own thoughts and to follow your own dream. Remember also to be supportive of others by allowing them to think their own thoughts without criticism or oppression.

Lastly, express gratitude for the freedom of thought that allows you to create the world you desire, in all ways. Remember, you are free to think whatever you choose to think, so fill your mind with positive thoughts that are supportive to you, others and the world around you. Use your freedom of thought to create the world you desire.

Gail Lynne Goodwin | Inspire Me Today

Give Thanks

Bill Sims, Jr.Ours is a world focused on “shiny stuff”. An endless parade of shiny new things that will supposedly make us happier.

Whether it’s a new baby doll or toy car, we are taught from the earliest age to strive harder, to be better, so we can get more shiny stuff.

Soon we learn that shiny stuff isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. The wrapping paper goes in the trashcan, and the shine begins to wear off. It’s time to donate the old stuff to make room for the new stuff…. “Do you have something shiny?” we ask….

And so the cycle continues throughout our lives… an empty pursuit of more shiny stuff.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get off the bus any time you like.

A wise man once said that our happiness does not come from shiny stuff, and he counseled that it is better to give than to receive.

When we take time to give thanks to others for what they do, we become happier and healthier. And they do too.

A string of tragedies from Boston to Sandy Hook to Aurora have left thinking people questioning what is missing in our world.

Sadly, the young have few answers… for this dangerous world is all they’ve known, and they have little to compare it with. But those with gray hair know the answer. Our affection for our fellow human beings (even strangers) has, without our knowing it, cooled off.

Want to make a difference?

Then start by thinking about that special person in your life who made a difference to you. Pause for a moment and reflect on that special parent or child, aunt or uncle, grandparent or sibling.

Perhaps it was a special teacher who first inspired you, or a boss who mentored you. Or maybe you will remember fondly that co-worker or friend who has always been there for you through the ups and downs.

Reflect on their kindness and be thankful for it. Tell them how much they mean to you, because life is shorter than we think. And don’t forget to thank yourself for hanging in there through the tough times in your life. You made it this far. Nice job!

The best chapters of our lives end, and we don’t realize it until we turn the page and begin living the next one. Only then do we fully appreciate the chapters we have left behind.

So, gaze at the stars tonight and give thanks for them. Watch the sun set and marvel at the picture painted for you. Be thankful for these and ponder their source, because they offer a powerful testimony to those who are willing to listen. Look for the best in yourself and those around you every day, instead of focusing on what’s wrong. Like those stars in the heavens, you and they will soon shine with a joy that money cannot buy.

Bill Sims, Jr. | Inspire Me Today


Lorna NicholsonLife is about passion, finding something to do that makes you excited and gives you a reason to live.

That something can be anything. Too many people are afraid to live passionately because they fear they won’t be successful at their passion. Yes, some people, like professional musicians, actors and athletes, make millions of dollars doing what they love and that is fantastic. Unfortunately, so many people look at them and say, “I can’t do that. I’m not good enough at my passion.” So they give up and live a life that is safe.

But, honestly, pursuing your passion doesn’t mean you have to make millions of dollars doing it.

Think of the woman, who at the age of 50, felt unfilled in her life so she decided to take an art class. As a young girl she loved art class, and always got A’s. Was she going to quit her job and take up painting at the age of 50? No. She still had a mortgage to pay. In the class, she created some beautiful water colors that she ended up framing so they could hang on her walls.

The first day she went to the class she was petrified that she wouldn’t be any good. Once there, however, she relaxed and remembered how much she loved to paint. Now, she can be seen outside, on sunny Saturdays, painting to her heart’s content.

So… what if a person says, “I can do it”, and then it doesn’t work? Do you give up on your passion?

There was a man who overcame his fear, took the plunge and tried to be a professional actor. He went to audition after audition. Some parts he got but many he didn’t. It came to the point where he couldn’t be a decent father and husband while trying to work as an actor so he went back to his teaching job.

Once back at school, he decided to take on the job of directing the school musical and at first he was intimidated that the students wouldn’t respond to him. After all, he’d never been a director. He soon found out that the children were like sponges and it thrilled him to watch them perform. Now, he has retired from teaching and he is a community theatre actor, and having the time of his life. He often gets the lead roles, and he doesn’t make a penny, but he graces the stage with an immense amount of passion.

Instead of giving up, he broadened his focus and learned that he could still pursue his passion, but it just had to be in another way.

So, go on, live your life with passion and find something to do that fills you with joy. It can be quilting, painting, acting, being a good parent, coaching a soccer team, writing in a journal, writing poetry that you post online, playing ladies hockey, old timers soccer, rock climbing …anything that gives you that spark. If you’re lucky enough to make money at it, great, and if not, then just enjoy the wonderful feeling of being alive!

Lorna Nicholson | Inspire Me Today


Anthony BensonMany of us are creative life-adventurers that have often, personally and professionally, walked the road less traveled. I maintain that there is a unique and rewarding calling that we are responding to.

A deep part of ourselves desires to shine—to become fully realized—such that, we are compelled to give it birth—ultimately gifting the world with our passion, desire, talents and individual spirit. This is, in great part, the evolution of self.

Embracing, and succeeding at, this evolution of self is best served by incorporating a heart-based life-strategy—one that honors the true essence of who you are, and others, and is complemented by an open mind and open heart—to better serve yourself and the world around you. This belief is reflected in my words below.

“When interacting with the world, endeavor to be open to being open.
Open to possibilities. Open to opportunities.
Open to co-creation. Open to Love.
Being open creates an environment where anything can and usually does happen.”

As part of a heart-based life-strategy—do you have a personal vision? Are you committed to your vision, no matter what life has to offer in the form of challenges, setbacks and successes? It’s imperative that you have a vision—a view beyond the horizon.

What do you see for yourself? What’s important to you and what’s not? What makes you and your dreams unique? Where do you see yourself in terms of living your dreams in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and beyond?

The value of vision—is to be true to yourself, no matter what the circumstances and whatever the rewards—enabling yourself to map the present and future—and help you navigate the sometimes uncharted, sometimes lonely and often challenging waters of life—thus strengthening your position and holding your course, so to speak.

Vision is the light in the darkness—the beacon of strength that will help carry you towards true self-realization and empowerment.

It’s also imperative to trust yourself and your ongoing ever-changing process. Like any good roller coaster ride, life offers many ups and downs, unforeseen twists and turns, some more severe than others. But, also like any really good roller coaster ride, and all the fear and nervous excitement it creates, the ride eventually smoothes out and everything ultimately ends up OK.

In life, there is always turmoil, tough decisions, lean times, moments of indecision and surprises. So it is incumbent on you to trust the process, concentrate on your contribution and try not to control the results.

Dedication, focus, trust and passion are the cornerstones of continued personal growth. I encourage you to trust yourself as you travel your path and embrace all that you encounter.

Remember—you are only responsible for the effort—not the outcome and you are never given more than you can handle. Please know that you always have choices and that on any given day you can make these choices anew.

The World is waiting… Open you heart and go for it!

Anthony Benson | Inspire Me Today


chris johnsonI’ve gleaned some fundamental principles from the wisdom offered by several “metaphysical” guides on how to go about living a life better filled with happiness, health, abundance, and fulfillment. They provide a spiritual code of conduct that, when followed, profoundly affects your perception of reality. These few are the key “natural principles”:

Accept and Allow.
This is the key to living a life full of Love. To accept and allow is to invoke the natural power of Divine Love within you.True acceptance involves eliminating judgment while you allow things to be as they are. Crucially, this begins with yourself.

Accepting and allowing yourself—with all your physical, emotional, and psychological idiosyncrasies—invigorates this Love that is imbued within you; enabling you to accept and allow others and situations to be as they are.

Accepting without judgment does not prevent you from taking action to alleviate your own or another life form’s suffering.

Be Compassionate.
Compassion is the ultimate gift you can give. Love and compassion are integrated emotions, as genuinely accepting and allowing yourself and others incorporates compassion.

Being compassionate exercises a basic kindness and desire within you to relieve suffering when you become aware of it. The extent to which we experience suffering, either individually or en masse, is reliant upon the frequency of compassion we exhibit personally and collectively. By being open to receiving as well as providing compassion, you encourage growth for all concerned. We are vessels for the carrier wave of compassion and we set its frequency.

Be Grateful and Appreciative.
Gratitude is the attractor of abundance in all its forms.
Just as we create “suffering” to remind us of our shortcomings, we also create acts of appreciation of ourselves—the “gifts” of positive experiences.

Receiving another’s gift of compassion when we are struggling is actually a self-affirming act. By receiving and being genuinely grateful for the smallest gift that comes your way, you invite into your life further acts of self-appreciation.

When you offer heartfelt appreciation, you expend energy. The Universe replaces this energy, reflecting it back to you in the form of abundance. Be aware though that genuine appreciation does not have an expectation attached.

Be Open and Vulnerable.
To be vulnerable is not an invitation to be hurt. Being vulnerable is about being open to receive – open to receive the gifts you bring to your Self through being grateful and appreciative.

Receiving is just as important as giving. It is another act of allowing—of Loving your Self. The way you can receive what you need is to appreciate your Self and to feel your vulnerability. Vulnerability is the softness through which your Essence (inner self) can enter your ego’s shielded world.

Risking vulnerability opens you to the totality of your Self and it opens your heart to others. In order to flourish, you must raise your level of consciousness closer to that of Consciousness Itself—and vulnerability is the elevator. So drop your shell of invulnerability; it is an illusory form of safety. Welcome your vulnerability and express your spirituality.

Chris Johnson | Inspire Me Today

Your amazing gift

Tami GomezIf you’re like 90% of the population, you have a tendency to blame some friend that seems “have it out” for you. It feels like they’re deliberately trying to hold you back, or at the very least, trying to sabotage your success. So you sit there feeling angry, frustrated, deflated or maybe even slightly depressed.

You’re probably talking about how nothing ever goes right. You’re probably hanging out with other people who are constantly talking about it too and I would be willing to be that you’re probably even talking about it on Facebook and Twitter!

And as you continue to talk about and focus on all the bad stuff that’s happening, you’re attracting the people that are also talking about it!

Now you’re probably thinking that if you could just get rid of this friend, your life would be so much better – right? But even if you were able to move far, FAR away from this friend, let’s say to another part of the world, another one will take her place almost immediately!

Why? Because the Law of Attraction states “That which is alike unto itself is drawn”. In other words, you will keep attracting people that are a vibrational match to you.

Listen, you can’t rid yourself of all the negative things in the world but what you CAN do is focus your attention on the things that make you feel good. And once you start to feel good, the people, places and events that you used to attract will magically disappear and new, more positive things will begin to show up.

If you only learn one thing from this, let it be this…. Stop beating the drum of what makes you feel bad and start deliberately and intentionally focusing on the things that make you feel good. Start thinking, wouldn’t it be nice “if”, instead of wouldn’t it be terrible “if”. Start looking for things in the past, present and future that make you feel good.

When you realize that you don’t have to justify the fact that you deserve – no, that you were meant – no, that you were BORN to have the best of everything, your entire mindset will change. Suddenly you will begin to expect the good things to flow into your life. You’ll stop worrying about what others think and start focusing on creating the life you were born to live.

You are an amazing human being with so much potential. Use your mind for the purpose of its intention – to Have, Do and Be ANYTHING that you desire. You were BORN with an amazing gift – the gift to create an spectacular life for not only yourself but the entire world! Please, I beg you – share your gift with us. We deserve to know your brilliance!

Tami Gomez | Inspire me Today

Do not compare

Pam ThomasEveryone has different tastes in what they like. That means that you don’t have to be someone you’re not. Be your most authentic, genuine, and loving self, because there is someone (if not many someones) who will love you just as you are.

Discrimination & prejudice; fast tracks to missing out on amazing people and cool learning opportunities. When we are open-hearted and open-minded we create the potential for some awesome opportunities and amazing relationships.

The brain cannot think positive and negative thoughts at the same time. When fear, anger, stress, or resentment creep in try copping an attitude of gratitude.

You are amazing just the way you are. There is no need to mold, meld, or squeeze yourself into someone else’s expectations. Being you is more than good enough and certainly more than enough. Anyone who thinks otherwise should take some time to focus on themselves and being who they are rather than trying to change who you are.

We have the power to choose; to choose our words, our actions, our behaviors, and how we wish to show up in the world. What’s even better, when we create awareness we create even more power to choose, because from awareness comes choice and a stronger sense of self.

Have you ever watched a child explore something new? They explore with such curiosity & wonder. Today, try looking at things as if through a child’s eyes, from a state of curiosity & wonder. You may be surprised what you will learn, notice, or discover because a whole new perspective is just waiting to be had.

In order to gain what we want, we must first be willing to give. If we want more love then give love. If want more abundance then we share our time and resources. Give unconditionally; give without expectation and attachment to outcome. Just have fun giving and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll receive.

When we are feeling anxious, in a place of fear, or stressed taking some deep breathes really does make a difference. You can’t focus on the stress, fear, and the like if you are truly focusing on taking some deep breathes.

In focusing only on the destination of any journey we miss all the amazing opportunities and experiences along the way. In turn we are pulled out of present into the future where fear & uncertainty sometimes visits. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to get present and have fun enjoying the journey.

What if I were to tell you that people and things can’t truly make us happy? The truth, people and things can add to or detract from our happiness, BUT we truly do have the power to create our own happiness via the choices we make. So remember, your happiness is not dependent on others it is dependent on you.

When we focus on the negatives, we have a tendency to see more negative. It’s like looking at the world through spotted glasses.

Pam Thomas | Inspire Me Today

This we know…

Joyce KovelmanThis we know: Humanity stands at the precipice. We must quickly decide whether we will continue to desecrate and destroy our planet, or whether we will make the needed changes and sacrifices that allow all of earthly existence to survive and thrive. We are asked to consciously co-create a new reality in which to fulfill our greater, more noble destinies. Indeed it is the very reason that each of us is presently living upon Earth.

This we know: We are summoned, and how we respond is critical. Do we step up to the plate and begin to make the necessary changes, or do we continue to complain, turn away, and wait for others to change?

This we know: We already recognize where change is needed. We already know what each of us must do to become the change we wish to see in our world. We know that there are needy, sick, poor and homeless; and that every one of us makes a difference. And we all realize that we have come to Earth for just such a moment as this.

We may not fully know how to change, we may not fully know what to do, or even if we can succeed. But begin we must! Humankind will surely perish if we do not try.

This we know: Each world begins with You and Me. All of us are Beings of Energy and Light. We are invited to participate in the most sacred task of creating a new world. We already know that all change and creation begins within. So please take a moment or two, or three or more …. Please enter into the silence and stillness at the very core of your being, and please begin the inner process of creating a sustainable and caring world.

Deep within my heart and soul, there is an absolute certainty that We can create the world we want to dwell within; We can evolve; and We can become a loving, compassionate, sustainable and harmonious humanity. We can make it happen, if we but dare to dream and envision once again. It has always been so.

This we know: A dedicated community of vision and light can bring forth a life sustaining and life affirming humanity. I invite you to become the change you wish to see in your world, to be the action you seek, the inspiration you need, and the love you wish to share. Let us join together in the wonder of conscious co-creation and joy. Let us begin!

All who wish to respond to Spirit’s Soulful call to help birth a new world – now is the moment to begin. Please help us make it so.

Joyce Kovelman | Inspire Me Today