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Unexplained Disappearance Of A Professor Who Perhaps Entered A Parallel World

Not long ago we reported scientists have discovered the first evidence of parallel universes.

If our reality is surrounded by a number of invisible parallel worlds, isn’t it possible for a person to enter one of those unknown realms simply by mistake?

If that happens, the person in question would find him or herself in a different reality, probably unable to ever get back to our own world.

There are many very strange cases of people who mysteriously vanished into thin air. Did these people enter a parallel world?

The following case occurred many years ago and was reported by El Tiempo, one of the largest newspapers in Venezuela.

According to journalist Segundo Peña, who wrote the story, a certain prominent unnamed university professor has been missing for over 40 years.

Based on eyewitness reports from people who last saw him alive, the professor slipped into a parallel world.

Private detectives and police have been search for the missing professor for year and no-one has a clue what really happened to him.

The incident occurred on the campus of the University of the Andes in the city of Mérida, Venezuela.

It was late afternoon on a clear sunny day in the early 1970s.

The professor was seen by a number of people as he walked across the parking lot of the university building. On one occasion he stopped to chat with at least one person as he moved towards his car. When he got to his car, he noticed some students waving at him, and he waved back as he stepped into the vehicle and closed the door.


Now, here comes the most curious part. He never drove away! The car was empty and the professor was never seen again. It’s as if the door of the car was a portal into another world. Journalist Segundo Peña wrote in his article: The car’s owner has been gone for over forty years. (We do not mention his name out of respect for his family).

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Was this person abducted by some strange forces alien to our own dimension?

Science pursues its general research, where psychology is aware that in many cases perceptual illusions, erroneous interpretations, hallucinations and fantasy-prone personalities have sway. But the enigma is still present and unsolved.

Peña who was very interested in this remarkable case interviewed local police who were charged with solving the missing person case of the university professor.

In their notes he found detailed interviews conducted with a number of people who witnessed the professor get into his car, only to see his car remain parked where it was.

None ever saw him get out.

The disappearance of the Venezuelan professor remains an unexplained mystery to this day.

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