Peace of mind

Karstein Bjastad Peace of mindI have learned that the greatest virtue, and the greatest gift you can give yourself, is peace of mind. And, thankfully, it’s something you can choose to give yourself.

Your true self experiences peace of mind eternally, but, in order to experience your true self, you need to experience that peace first.

This makes peace of mind the key thing to aim for in life. Again, you can choose to have it. This is primarily achieved by mentally letting go of what disturbs you.

Your lack of peace of mind is generated by your investment in maintaining your false sense of self; by mental attachments to who you are not. In truth you are perfect, innocent, fully protected and lacking nothing. Your daily experience of who you are is not who you are in truth.

Against your seeming experience, be willing to accept that you are perfect, innocent, fully protected and lacking nothing. Equally, be willing to accept that this is also true for everyone else. Also, be willing to accept that in your mind you have a memory of this perfection of yours and others.

When your peace of mind is disturbed, remind yourself of this; remind yourself that you and any other involved in disturbing your peace are completely innocent. Not only are you innocent, you are eternally perfect and fully protected and cared for.

Then, together with your memory of your perfection, truly forgive it; forgive the cause of your disturbed peace of mind as the untruth and nothingness that in truth it is, and release it to the part of your mind that remembers your perfection. In doing so, your peace of mind is restored, and your propensity to have your peace disturbed again by a similar situation is lowered.

By ultimately making this view of yourself and others second nature, by always being mindful of your and others’ innocence and perfection, nothing can disturb your inner peace.

I am eternally grateful for coming across this wisdom, as it has given me and numerous other people I know, a greater peace in life. I am also grateful that this wisdom is spreading, and that more people as a result are experiencing more peace of mind, and as such, are getting closer to experiencing their true self.

My peace of mind is not yet fully restored, but with this wisdom, I have the tool, and the power, to regain my peace of mind every time it is disturbed. Furthermore, I feel very lucky to be in a position where I have the opportunity to pass this wisdom on to whoever crosses my path and is ready to hear it.

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