Nina Meyerhof UnityWhatever you see lives inside of you. If you see something, then it is your perception. If you go inside and deal with that perception then it can be cleansed and erased and given DIVINE LIGHT. The biology of cells holds memories but is influenced by the mind. Free the mind and free the self for the LIGHT.

Thus, freedom is what you give yourself and thus to others. If we do this then we are all in right relationship as a family of humankind walking planet earth. Youth are the doorway to the emerging new understanding. Trust them as you trust yourself and they will lead us into UNITY. Help them be our dreams. Show them as you heal yourself that what is emerging is for all of life and not the gains of outer forms based on greed and lust and power over.

There is no together as there is only ONE. It is us as humans, who only function from a personal understanding of the self that have ego and thus refuse to see ONE. We now know there is only that Oneness from science but hardly know how to release ourselves from our personal selves to walk into this stage of understanding.

Yet in this stage of understanding is where we will only become into the unified understanding of wholeness, collaboration, meeting the needs of the other and functioning as a healthy body of a living source. Our times dictate that necessity of knowing this as we are at the verge of destroying all that is what we see as separate. This is the teaching of the times. Our egos of personal greed demand that we destruct or learn. Now is the time…..a precious time of learning here on Earth. Education…to bring forth…leads the way.

In education now, we must look to describe the universals. It is by asking the questions and finding the reflection and knowing that each individual will respond in the same way that we see and know we all want peace, harmony, our needs fulfilled and a life of connecting in relationship to another. These are really simple wants but hard to achieve.

To accomplish this, we must no longer support diversity through tolerance and justice but rather to look at the point of unity and then address the differences from there. If we are the same as humans as 99.9% in genome theory, then we must start to realize in our minds of separateness that how little there is to be different to define our egos.

To educate the coming generations, we must give them ample opportunity to know that they must remember to seek that point of unity. There is evolutionary history and now each coming generation has a closer consciousness to fully understand the potential of moving into this point of unity. We as humans are given the choice… to fortify the ego or live in conscious collaboration. The world changes as we change.

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